The COSA Comprehensive Breast Center is always open to new patient referrals! Our Center recognizes that there is a very high turnover rate amongst hospital-employed physicians in the Columbus area, especially over the past ten years. Physician turnover often leaves patients struggling to constantly reestablish breast surgical care. The dedicated history of COSA to the Columbus area has allowed Dr. Slam to tailor her surgical practice into one dedicated to primarily female-focused surgical needs. As an independent surgeon, she has the ability to care for her patients in a variety of hospital and outpatient settings across the greater Columbus area, enhancing the surgical experience for her patients. If wishing to establish breast care with the COSA Comprehensive Breast Center, please attempt to bring as many of your old records as possible, especially surgical pathology reports, records about radiation and chemotherapy, and genetic testing. If you are unable to obtain these on your own, the COSA Comprehensive Breast Center can assist as long as you know the location of your prior records, but this can sometimes slow care if we have to obtain records after your office appointment.