COSA Breast Michelle Michelle has been with Central Ohio Surgical Associates since 2002, and was recently promoted to the position of Clinical Office Manager. She previously was responsible for Dr. Slam’s surgery scheduling, but now has taken on the responsibility of running the East and Grove City COSA clinical offices and managing all staff members. Michelle also still assists Dr. Slam’s scheduler Tiffany with coordination of surgical care as necessary.

COSA Breast Jennifer Jennifer is the Billing Manger at Central Ohio Surgical Associates and has been with the corporation since 1999. She is responsible for overseeing the billing department, and leads the team that helps both the physicians and patients navigate the ever-complex insurance system. The Billing Department can be reached at 614-866-4270.

Tiffany has been with Central Ohio Surgical Associates since 2018 and due to her hard work and attention to detail, has recently been elevated to her role as Dr. Slam’s breast lead. As point person in the office for breast patients, Tiffany is responsible for surgery scheduling, coordination of care with other offices, and prior authorization and ordering of advanced imaging such as breast MRI. Tiffany can be reached at 614-863-6363, option 3.

Central Ohio Surgical Associates has multiple other clinical staff, medical assistants, and administrative support staff who are critical to the function of the office and seamless patient care. Each one of these ladies has a patient-centric focus, a kind demeanor, and they all strive to help you with your surgical care to the best of their ability.