Unfortunately, there remains a paucity of female General Surgeons in the central Ohio area.  There are times in which a women develops a surgical issue that she might be embarrassed to have a male surgeon evaluate. Often times, a gynecologist might ask a general surgeon to evaluate and treat cysts, abscess, or masses in the groin (perineum). Dr. Slam cares for many women with these all-too-common conditions with compassion and modesty.
All Board-Certified breast surgeons complete training in General Surgery, and there is no additional Board Certification specifically for breast surgery.  However, most surgeons recognize that being a surgical expert in a particular field (especially for cancer care) improves patient outcomes for that disease process.  Dr. Slam chooses to dedicate the majority of her elective surgical practice to care of the breast patient due to her extensive experience in breast care and surgical oncology. Unlike most breast surgeons, however, Dr. Slam has specifically chosen to maintain her skills in advanced laparoscopy for gallbladder, colon, and hernia surgeries, allowing her to care also for the General Surgical needs of her patients.  In the event a patient has a surgical condition for which she does not offer surgical care, Central Ohio Surgical Associates is composed of 14 Board-Certified physicians, each with their own surgical dedication, and she will be happy to navigate a patient to her appropriate partner expert for surgical care.